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Title: IceChat 9 RC6 Released
Post by: Snerf on February 03, 2013, 08:34:25 PM
Another main release of IceChat 6 released today.

Here are the latest updates since RC5.

Build RC 6 February 3 2013
* Added option to not show topic bar in channels in Display settings
* Some minor updates to chat window redrawing speed

Build RC 5.2 January 27 2013
* Added ability to change background images for Nicklist and Server Tree
* Added menu items under View Menu for Nick List and Server Tree BG images
* Added $rand() identifier
* Some fixing to DCC code, but needs further testing

Build RC 5.1 January 20 2013
* Fixed disabled plugin not properly disabling
* Fixed minor issues with font selection
* Fixed issue with autojoin delay not working
* Fixed issue where channel part message would not show in console for self
* Fixed issue with adding a emoticon or a color from color picker erased text in box
* Fixed issue with 2nd line of channel topic links not working
* Added ability to have text after Nick complete, in IceChat Display Settings
* Added ability to log @window windows (on by default)
* Added OnWhoReply to Plugin Methods
* Added more IRCv3 capabilities
* Added under Events settings Server Messages, Notices, Errors
* Added under Events settings Channel Notices
* Made slight change to messages for Channel Part, added brackets in, if reason exists
Title: Re: IceChat 9 RC6 Released
Post by: Infamous_uk on February 04, 2013, 01:25:07 AM
Nice update mate, IC9 is shaping up well.