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Title: Add sets of colors (call them themes?)
Post by: allaboard on April 04, 2012, 09:22:07 PM
i've been using icechat for quite a long time. in previous versions, the background was white, and i had no problems at all reading any part of the chat.

this changed when i upgraded to version icechat 9 rc3. the background is now black, and some of the colors chosen are much harder to read against a dark background. i tried changing the background to white instead, but that opened up a whole new can of worms. having a white background with the set of colors in version rc3 means i can't read any of the text that has color set to white also. so if i change the background to white, i also have to change all the white colored items to a different color, which in turn causes more problems when i use colors that are already taken by other items. this continues until every single color has been changed, and it takes an incredibly long time to ensure that:

1. there are no conflicts in color
2. the chosen colors fit well with one another; i.e. they are different enough so that we know what's going on in irc. for example if the color i choose for my own messages is too similar to the color i choose for messages from other people, then i won't be able to distinguish my messages from theirs if i'm trying to look up something that happened earlier in the conversation.

my suggestion to solve this problem is very simple. instead of getting rid of this new set of colors (which some people might like) and bringing back the old set of colors, maybe you can add different sets of colors and call them "themes". being a perceptive developer, you of course would pick colors that go well with each other in every theme. if you do this, users can simply pick themes instead of choosing 50 different separate colors and hoping they don't make a mistake somewhere. of course if people want to go through the pain i did, they should be more than welcome to. but please make it easier for people who just want to set and forget.
Title: Re: Add sets of colors (call them themes?)
Post by: Snerf on April 05, 2012, 07:29:36 AM
RC3 came with many themes installed, if you did the full install, and not the update.

I am not sure if you did an update from a previous version or the full install, as you did not state that.

Everyone will have an opinion that they dont like the color selections, and I can not please everyone.
It is all a matter of personal opinion as to what colors are good and what are bad.
Title: Re: Add sets of colors (call them themes?)
Post by: allaboard on April 06, 2012, 01:54:06 AM
i can't believe i missed the themes tab. apparently i did do the full install because i was able to change to the old white background with just a few clicks.

and you're exactly right about not being able to please everyone. i made this suggestion because i was hoping to see a few different themes to choose from for lazy people like me, but it looks like it's already part of icechat 9 and i just missed it. if people don't like any of the themes, they can just set their own colors one by one, though i would never have the patience to do it.

icechat's awesome by the way. why did you release version 9 under the gpl? aren't you afraid people will take the code and fork it? not that i'm complaining.
Title: Re: Add sets of colors (call them themes?)
Post by: Snerf on April 09, 2012, 12:56:15 AM
No, I am not afraid of people taking the code, or I wouldn't have done it.