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Title: Two standard scripts please.
Post by: Abyssal on December 29, 2011, 09:28:21 PM
Could someone do two scripts for me?

The first one would be a pm acceptor script.It should say to the "Wait for your pm to be accepted" and I get to accept or decline it.If I accept the pm,it should say " Your pm has been accepted" and If I decline it,it should say " Sorry,your pm has been declined".I check the forums for similar scripts and found something,the Spambot blocker thing.I don't want it to be a password entering thing like that.

The second one would be one thanking the <nickname> when given status.
e.g If I enter a channel and the bot(named ZeroBot) gives me op,the script should say Thank you ZeroBot for the +o.You have given me op status <no> times.

The script should also work the other way,like if I'm deopped by ZeroBot,It should say "Why have you deopped me".You have given me -o <no> times.

The <no> should be the number of times the bot has given me +o(Count increasing by 1 everytime).The same should work when I'm voiced,hoped and soped.Thanks in advance.