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Title: Emoticon feature expansion
Post by: myselfagain on July 22, 2011, 08:13:16 PM
Is there a way to expand the size of an emoticon to be larger than the user's fontsize? So far, this is the only IRC client I've found that allows for a very easy to use and edit emoticon system. That said, can you please remove the scale-to-fontsize limitation for emoticons? It would allow for people such as myself (and my entire MSN chat group I run) to use our msn+ icons for chat. It would be a great way to help bring kids used to the instant messenger features over to the IRC world and give it some new blood.

Also, since I'm sure a few people who like the scale-to-fontsize limitation, I would also suggest a possible checkbox in the options menu to disable it and therefore give more choice to the user. Everyone in the end would win. :)
Title: Re: Emoticon feature expansion
Post by: Snerf on July 22, 2011, 10:51:06 PM
I am not sure what you mean by MSN style emoticons. If you mean all different sizes and such,remember this. Only IceChat users, who have those "same" emoticons as you do, would see them that way. It does not work like MSN, where if you dont have the emoticon, it will send it to the other client. IRC does not work that way, so what you are suggesting is not a viable solution.

This is why IceChat uses a standard set of emoticons. Other clients do not see them, and if you add extra emoticons with new triggers, no one else would see them that way, unless they had them added exactly the same on their own version of IceChat.

The reason they are scaled to font size is to just simplify the design of the client, and make it look 'cleaner' when it displays the graphics.

If you want your chat group to all see these same emoticons, they would all have to have them added into their own version of IceChat.
Title: Re: Emoticon feature expansion
Post by: myselfagain on July 23, 2011, 03:00:14 AM
Heh, sorry about that. I guess I didn't specify. That's exactly what we did.

With MSN, they have a 50x50 pixel max for gifs. For that reason many people will just make a gif of 2 still frames to give the illusion of a larger still icon. The collection I have alone is beyond absurd. We practically make one every other day in casual conversations about some internet meme.

That said, I have a bunch of my icons premade as bmp's (since all the defaults were bmp, I just assumed it was the only supported file for IC7), configured the ini, and zipped it for my friends so we all can see the icons and use them for our IRC chat alone. I've explained to them all how your IRC does not show the icon to everyone and thus the icons would be exclusive to us alone. They all get the idea and are cool with it.

But, some of these icons are pretty detailed, being 50x50. And when they get shrunk down to the same size as 10-12 point font, it gets pretty garbled --some actually unrecognizable. With a removal of the image scaling, these icons would be crisp, very viewable, and would make my whole group happy. We'd be able to move off of MSN with it's 20 person cap and finally expand ourselves while still having our usual silly fun.

But, as I said before. Someone might have some huge 200x200 happy face they use and might freak over from the fact that every time they make a smile they lose a good 10 lines of viewable chat. So, a check box in the menu somewhere would make those people be happy, and the removal of the scaling would make our group and possibly many others happy.

I hope that that helps clear things up a little. :)
Title: Re: Emoticon feature expansion
Post by: Snerf on July 23, 2011, 06:36:46 AM
Ok, I will see what I can do about it.

As well, animated GIF's are currently not supported. They may be in future versions, but currently are not.