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Title: IceChat 2009 Beta 4 Released
Post by: Snerf on February 16, 2011, 08:08:00 PM
A whole bunch of fixes from Beta 3.

Build Beta 4 February 16 2011
* Added Color Themes
* Fixed properly selecting nicks in nicklist
* Clicking the header of the nicklist deselects any selected nicks
* Added /buddylist command
* Fixed html logging issue with nicknames not showing
* Fixed html logging with colors showing wrong or on next lines

Build Beta 3.8 February 3 2011
* Added No Color Mode option to popup menu for Channel from Server Tree
* No Color Mode now properly strips all colors
* Strip out NULL Characters sent by server

Build Beta 3.71 February 2 2011
* Fix $os identifier for Linux/Unix (now fixed)

Build Beta 3.6 February 2 2011
* Fix bug with rejoining channels
* Connecting to Socks5 Proxy Server now working
* Numbered identifiers ending with a - now parse properly ($1-)

Build Beta 3.5 January 29 2011
* Fix line wrapping for Reverse Code
* Fix wrapped URL's losing underline
* Fix hover issue with nicknames with an underscore in them

Build Beta 3.4 January 24 2011
* Added fix for removing channel mode l
* Added button to remove channel exceptions
* Added CTRL-R for reverse text code
* Added CTRL-O for plain text code
* Added CTRL-I for italic text code
* Added parsing for reverse characters
* Added parsing for italic characters
* Added parsing for bold characters

Build Beta 3.3 January 9 2011
* Added a Splash Screen
* www1 links now work as well, with numbers after www
* Toolbar shows Update Button when an IceChat Update is available
* # is now parsed in Channel and Nicklist Popups as the current channel
* Fixed bug with removing a channel key, now just a matter of unchecking the check box
* Added /aaway command to set /away for all connected servers

Build Beta 3.2 January 2 2011
* /play command now allows for a full path to be sent to it
* Fixed issues with *nix and aliases and popup files not properly being parsed

Build Beta 3.1 January 2 2011
* Added /reload command. Command accepts alias,popup,emoticon,sound to reload those config files on the fly
* Opening editor also reloads aliases and popup files from actual file

Title: Re: IceChat 2009 Beta 4 Released
Post by: TAdams on February 25, 2011, 02:12:05 AM
Thank you Snerf! And I downloaded it here  (Always have to hunt for the download site).
Title: Re: IceChat 2009 Beta 4 Released
Post by: Snerf on February 25, 2011, 06:06:36 AM
Yes Tadams, but the next versions should have the internal Auto-Updater working, and able to check for an update from the Help Menu, "Check for Update".