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Title: IceChat v2009 Beta
Post by: Snerf on October 15, 2010, 02:08:03 PM
Development has been slow as of late, because of the problems with the script engine, and mainly just a lack of time to work on the project.

But, we are nearing a beta version. I am currently changing the code to allow for SSL Connections, which is quite an upgrade.  I should be able to add in IPv6 compatibility as well.

As for the script engine, it will just need to be put on hold for the time being. I may take a stab at re-creating the mirc script engine again, but this is a large project in itself. So for the time being, the early Beta's will not have a working script engine.

So it is just a matter of adding the SSL/IPv6, and finishing up the DCC File/Sends. I will also try and get started on importing v7 settings into v2009. The main problem I see are the color settings, as there is no theme support yet in v2009.  But we will get to that in upcoming Beta's.

It would be nice to get a Beta out before 2010 is over.

If there are any other major issues that need to be dealt with, please post them here.

Thanks again for all the support.