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Title: Simple Script for changing what you type
Post by: Snerf on March 14, 2010, 03:35:34 PM
Open the IceChat Editor, and go to the Scripts Tab. Paste in the Code Below.
Click on File, Save As, and choose a file name, and make sure the File Type is IceChat 5 Script (.ice).

The file is saved, click on save and close, and voila.

The code below simply changes "lol" to "laughing out loud", and "omg" to "oh my god".

You can add more lines as you see fit.

Code: [Select]
Function OUTTEXT(OutgoingText)

OutGoingText = Replace(OutGoingText,"lol","laughing out loud")
OutGoingText = Replace(OutGoingText,"omg","oh my god")

OUTTEXT = OutGoingText

End Function

If you make typing mistakes in this Script, it will cause errors, and then you can no longer send text. 2 ways to fix it are, fix the script, or unload the script.

And it is vital that the script is saved as the proper file type, or it will not work.