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Title: School isnt allowing IRC
Post by: burn95 on September 01, 2008, 10:37:34 AM
MY college isn't allowing a few things on their network, IRC being one of them. To try to bypass this I downloaded the Vidalia package, which from my understanding of it, is suppose to be able to let you get past this problem I have. Now I don't know if I'm setting Icechat up incorrectly or what, but Its still not working, I keep getting this message:

ERROR:ucServerList:Function:ConnectServer:False:7:8 ErrorNumber:-2147024770 : Automation errorThe Specified Module could not be found.

The Vidalia package contains Tor, and Privoxy, I may be setting those two things up, I really dont know how to use either.

Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I'm Kinda computer dumb, so please explain in depth. Thanks.
Title: Re: School isnt allowing IRC
Post by: Snerf on September 01, 2008, 10:50:58 AM
You know, bypassing security for a college will get you into a lot of trouble.

They have it blocked for a reason.

So, sorry, you will not get any help for that here.